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In order to end a marriage, a person must obtain a final judgment from a circuit court dissolving the marriage. In that judgment, all property, support and child-related issues ordinarily will be determined. To obtain that judgment a person must file a petition to start a lawsuit, legally serve (notice) his or her spouse, provide and obtain financial information to and from his or her spouse, if children are involved, take a class, and either have an agreement prepared and brought to the court at an appropriately noticed final hearing or have a trial before a judicial officer at which evidence will be taken to allow the judicial officer to make decisions. A person is not required to have a lawyer to obtain a divorce. However, because this is a legal process with rules and procedures to be followed, it is advisable to obtain legal counsel.

The Clerk's Office can provide you with an information packet to begin your divorce.

Please see Service Charges and Fees for associated costs

A $40.00 service fee is also paid to the Sheriff's Department. For more information on getting started, contact the Clerk's Civil Department at (904) 548-4606.

The following list of providers has been approved by Judge Robert M. Foster for the court required Parenting Class in Dissolution of Marriage cases involving minor children.

  • McPherson Training Concepts, Inc

    850310 US Hwy 17, Yulee, FL 32097
    Phone:                 904.548.0160
    Fax:        904.548.0158

  • Children First in Divorce

    Phone: 904.346.5100 x241  Mental Health Services/Divorce Related Services

  • Clear View Concepts, Inc

    501 Centre St, Ste 108, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
    Phone: 904.335.0333

  • Distance Learning

    David L. Thomas, Attorney at Law
    Phone:                 386.738.5992
    Fax:        386.738.8617
    * this video parenting class has a Spanish option
    ** Only to be taken if you reside outside of the Fourth Judicial Circuit or State of Florida

**this option is to be used in the circumstance that you are unable to physically attend a parenting class option above.  For example: not physically located in the area at the time of classes, a disability prohibiting attendance to a class, etc.