Foreclosure sales information is published in the local newspaper for 2 consecutive weeks at least 5 days prior to the sale date. It is also made available via the Internet.
Foreclosure sales are held at 11:30 am on the sale date at the front entrance of the Judicial Annex. Any person wishing to participate in the sale must check in with a Deputy Clerk in the Civil Customer Service Department at least 15 minutes before the time of sale and show proof of 5% deposit.
Once bidding starts, it cannot be stopped or interrupted. The successful bidder is required to immediately deposit with the Clerk 5% of the final bid amount. The balance will be due no later than 3:30 of that same day. All bidders are asked to remain present until the time the deposit is made and the sale is made final. If the successful bidder is unable to make the deposit, bidding will continue with the next highest bid. If the successful bidder is unable to pay the remaining balance by 3:30 that day, the sale will be re-advertised. When the entire bid amount is paid, a Certificate of Sale will be issued. All payments must be in the form of cash, cashier's check, or money order.
After 10 days, with no objections, a Certificate of Title will be issued. The successful bidder will also be responsible for the payment of the documentary stamps required to record the Certificate of Title.
The successful bidder will also be responsible for the payment of a court registry fee of 3% on the 1st $500 and 1.5% on the balance of the final bid amount.
**Please note: A purchaser at a Judicial Sale takes the property subject to any defects, liens, encumbrances and all matters of which the purchaser has notice or of which the purchaser could have obtained knowledge.
Remember to call ahead for information on last minute property auctions that may have been cancelled. Civil Customer Service Department 904-548-4606.